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Not really, but hourly workers do have unique personalities and motivations that can influence what they look for in an hourly job. We’ve identified four key categories – or personalities - of hourly workers. By understanding what motivates the supplementer, the student, the career hourly worker and the retiree, you can determine what type of hourly job seeker your opening may attract and tailor your job description to highlight benefits that will resonate to attract and retain the best candidates. Over the next four months, we’ll dig into each one in detail, but this month we start you off with an overview of the four personalities.
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Top 5 Articles We’ve Read This Month

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We read a lot at Snagajob so we can stay on top of the hourly job industry to bring you insights that help you attract, hire and retain top talent. We looked back at everything we read last month and picked out the five articles we liked the best.

  • How to hire great small business employees - All businesses are not created equal, and small businesses face unique hiring challenges. This article lays out some of the qualities small businesses should look for in candidates.
  • How to recruit millennials and recent college grads - Baby Boomers are on their way out and Millennials are on their way in. The generation raised on technology looks at work and finding the company they want to work for differently. If you’re lost on how to reach this group, read this article.
  • What does the C-suite want from HR? - It’s good to keep the bottom line – or in this case, those at the top – in mind when you’re recruiting and managing human resources. This article provides insights into what executives really care about in human resources.
  • More than minimum wage - Raising all entry-level wages is not usually an option for businesses to retain employees. This article discusses other ways that quick service restaurants (QSR) can increase retention. QSR or not, these tips can work for most businesses.
  • Why companies aren't getting the employees they need - Unemployment is high, but companies still say they can’t find the employees they need. This article explores what may be really going on.

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