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Even though they don’t work full time, part-time employees (or “supplementers,” as we tend to call them for reasons you’ll discover) can pack in a lot of value. Employers who take stock of their job opportunities to determine how to appeal to this category of job seeker are better able to attract top-notch employees and capitalize on that value. Who are the people looking for part-time work, and what are they hoping to find in a job? We’ll give you the insight you need to recruit a productive part-time workforce full of people who could easily transition into full-time positions should the need arise.
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Restaurants: How To Deal With Hiring Envy

wait staff

If your restaurant gets noticed for always having exceptional employees, watch out. You’d better start building up immunity to workplace pilfering if you’re going to maintain the employees responsible for your envious position. And if your restaurant has hiring envy, there are places to look for great people other than the competitor down the street.
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Top 5 Articles We’ve Read This Month

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Here they are! The best articles we’ve read in the last month. Happy reading.

Tweet For A Chance To Win

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Congratulations to our new Twitter followers @SigalProjectHR and @ExpressCC, who were randomly selected as the winners of our December gift card giveaway. Since you may have been preoccupied with the holidays, we’re giving you another chance to win a gift card and get valuable hourly hiring tips at the same time. Anytime between now and Feb. 8, follow us @SnagajobWorks, if you’re a larger business, or @SnagajobSMB, if you’re a small business, for a chance to win a Visa gift card. It’s our way of showing our appreciation for hourly employers.

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