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Their career path helps your business grow

Career hourly workers (or “new collar workers,” as we like to call them) see themselves holding hourly positions for their entire working lives. Their schedules might not follow the 9-to-5 salaried route, but they put in a full day’s work at one or multiple hourly jobs and can prove to be some of your most loyal employees. With 40 percent of 18 to 29-year-olds seeing themselves as career hourly workers, employers need to take notice of this group and learn what they want in an hourly job in order to experience, first hand, the bottom-line benefits this group can deliver.
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Top five articles we’ve read this month

newspaper stack

Here they are! The best articles we’ve read in the last month. Happy reading.

Be only as small as you want to be

SMB owners

Chick-fil-A broke a record in annual sales last year because, according to the president and COO, the brand was “focused on providing an experience that our guests love to brag about.” How can you find the time and energy, with all the demands on you as a small business owner or manager, to dedicate yourself to improving the customer experience so that you can increase your profitability? (Hint: relinquish select support functions so you can focus on what small business luminary Jay Goltz calls the soup.)
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He said, she said of successful hourly management

Flip n Burgers

What do you get when you combine a quick-service restaurant operator and a tenured human resources expert? If you’re talking about the Andersons, you get a husband and wife duo who knows the secrets to success in restaurant management. They offer their tips in “Flip-N-Burgers,” their honest book that offers a “his and hers” perspective on management success. Their tricks of the trade can be used to fuel success in all hourly industries.
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Where will we be in March?

Calendar Events

Throughout the year, we either attend events or host our own to make it easy for you to see, first-hand, how our hourly hiring solutions can help you. In February, we attended the IFA Annual Convention, and you can read our takeaways here.
In March, you can find us at the:


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