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We kick off our four-part series of helping you get to know job seekers with a deep dive on retirees. As more than 70 million Baby Boomers reach retirement age, 80 percent of them are planning to continue working. What does this influential group of potential employees look for in a retirement job? If you’re looking to recruit this experienced, loyal and motivated group, you need to take stock of the benefits your jobs offer and see if they will resonate.
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Top 5 Articles We’ve Read This Month

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You told us you liked our article round-up last month, so we’ll continue to share the best articles we’ve discovered. Happy reading!

Hiring Resources For Small Businesses


Holiday greetings from Snagajob! We’ve been busy all year writing and tweeting about the people, places and things we’ve found to be instrumental in improving the hourly hiring process. Even if you’ve crossed “hire better people faster” off of your to-do list already, we’re here to help you continually improve the ease and profitability of hiring an hourly workforce. Why not make one of your professional resolutions to follow us on Twitter @SnagajobSMB and read up on what makes the hourly job seeker tick and what hiring practices we and our clients have found to be effective, as together we strive to put people into the right-fit positions. We wish you happy hiring in 2012 and for many years to come!

‘Tis The Season To Tweet


Each ornament on this tree located in Snagajob headquarters represents a job seeker who had a great search experience when using our site. But that’s just the half of it. We also work to make the hiring process easier for hourly employers, and part of that includes sharing helpful hiring tips on Twitter. We’re in the giving spirit, so begin following us @SnagajobWorks if you’re with a larger company or @SnagajobSMB if you’re with a small company or small franchise business between now and Dec. 25. We'll randomly select new followers to receive a $25 Visa gift card. We hope to put a little extra jingle in your pocket as we help you get right-fit employees into your business.


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